Since its establishment, MTI has been evolving year after year in the field of electronics and consumer durable goods.Check Our Brands

MTI Holding has over 57 years of experience

Specializing in Electronics and other consumer goods, offering the best value and wide range of products


Customer Comes First

Our dedicated manpower in all MTI departments have a clear approach which is delivering the customer the best service that could be provided to enhance our customer trust in our brand; boosting more credibility which is our trait.

Best Value

Due to the branded and varied home appliances that we provide; we have balanced the equation of best value of money; combining the cost, quality and after sales services to set higher standards for our customer expectations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

As our customer's trust is our real capital and it has never been an easy job; all our efforts are purposed our customers satisfaction; which is guaranteed in all services phases that we provide to our customers.

Wide Varietyin MTI

we have comprehensive appliances and personal care products that will make your life easier than before; balancing a hard equation of providing latest technology and the simplicity at the same time. Delivery Do not bother yourself with


Happy Clients


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Product Variations


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Household Appliances

In MTI we are covering all details in your daily routine; starting from hair dryer to your dishwasher. Our products are creating comprehensive high tech lifestyle and adding a human touch to the top technology appliances in the same time; creating efficient homes that our customers deserve.

Enterprise Products

As MTI is the house of technology with all its faces and leading appliance industry; we are serving business sector too. We are providing wide range of hardware for enterprises and conferences equipment through our innovative solutions for meetings and events; fulfilling any special requirements or expectations that the business sector have.


We offer great Value to our customers

The most wide range of products and varieties to suit your every need.


Customer satisfaction is our highest priority with the best products.